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Unless stated otherwise, all Desert Snow classes start at 0800 and run until approximately 1700 hours. The classroom doors are generally opened at 0730.

Prior to being allowed into the classroom, your law enforcement identification will be checked for security and safety reasons.

If you attend a Desert Snow hands-on workshop, be sure to wear old clothes and don't forget to bring a good flashlight. No other tools or equipment will be allowed into the classroom or workshop areas.

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Criminal and Terrorist Interdiction Workshop - Ozark, Arkansas
Ozark, Arkansas
Conference Type
Criminal and Terrorist Interdiction Workshop
Conference Date
Jan 22, 2020 to Jan 24, 2020 (3 days)
Class is currently full. For inquiries, call the Desert Snow Office at 405-293-9800 or send an email to training@desertsnow.com .


Ozark Police Department


Ozark Police Department
2914 W. Commercial St.
Ozark, AR 72949

Class times: 0800-1700
Doors open: 0730

***wear comfortable clothes and bring a flashlight***

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